I’m in Japan!

So this post is looong overdue. As some of you already know, Chris and I have decided to move to Japan for a year. More precisely, we will be here for 9 months and are planning to stay until May/June 2019. If you haven’t done the math already, we have already been here for almost 2 months. As they say, time flies!

We are currently living in Tokyo with the closest station being Inokashira-Goen Station. We are within walking distance to the bigger hub of Kichijoji Station and to attractions nearby such as the Ghibli Museum. We are right by the lovely Inokashira Park which is full of cute little butterflies, loud bell crickets, and a big pond with these swan paddle boats which I fully intend to rent out and try one day. Just not on the weekend because it gets super busy!

In the past two months, we have been exploring areas of Tokyo here and there, checking some items off our bucket list, and eating lots of delicious food. But mostly, we are learning what it is to live in Tokyo rather than just to visit. It’s been a rough start with many unexpected issues that go hand in hand with living in Japan. We definitely could have done more research before we came, but I think we have done okay given the circumstances. I’ll be sharing more on that on another blog post.

We have moved into our permanent place in Japan for about a month and half now and we still feel like we are settling in. However, we are slowly creating a routine and feeling a little bit more at home. Though I have to admit, Chris and I have been feeling bouts of homesickness from time to time.

I will be using this blog as a place to write some informal posts about our time here and maybe get that writer brain jogging a bit and make it just a little less scary to work on other writing projects. So look forward to more posts very soon! In the mean time, since I’ve announced this, I will be able to start sharing photos on my Instagram and Facebook, so be on the look out! 🙂


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